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The ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY is part of the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION whose headquarters is in Amsterdam, EU. To find out more about the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION and its wonderful charitable activities and for applying for scholarships, grants and support for poor and struggling artists, please visit - ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION:


The Elvis_Picasso Gallery is, one might say, a somewhat schizophrenic entity. On the one hand it is a vehicle for mind-boggling discourse, on the other, it represents a desperate realization that everything is simply meaningless - of no value - screaming for justice from one perspective, lost in an anarchistic and anti-theistic intellectual construct, from another. It is both absurdly real and brutally surreal!

The Elvis_Picasso Gallery is a platform for art that observes, considers, evaluates and represents the human condition, the condition in particular of the disenfranchised, alienated, exploited and deprived, the threatened cultures, communities and people. It stands for an art which seeks to expose the bullies, thugs, liars and hypocrites who perpetrate and maintain the culture of violence. It is all that Elvis_Picasso himself has promoted during his extraordinary career.

The Elvis_Picasso Gallery, like all of humanity, is concurrently, standing in the grim, or perhaps even hilarious, reality of immanent self-administered human implosion; it is the only place left for having a last laugh, a surreal celebration as the ship of fools sails ever so smugly into the abyss.

The works presented in our galleries has continued to astound critics across the globe, are freely available for for use for non-commercial purposes, conditional of course to the provision that the Elvis_Picasso Gallery and/or, in relevant cases the artists themselves, are clearly acknowledged as creators of the work. The copyrights of the site, the concept and the 'trademark', 'Elvis_Picasso', are strictly reserved. All contradictions are protected and will be defended at great expense in the highest courts of the 'Ville de n'Importe Où'!

The works exhibited in our galleries, generally, are all physical or virtual realities. In the minds of many of our supporters, the cognoscenti, literati, intelligensia, critics and some very common people, these are significant, meaningful deconstructions and valueable grand narratives, common to the most profound very-post-modern critical concepts and commodities, potent spectacles. "Oh my God!", exclaimed the spectator, "not a one way transmission of experience to which the observer has no right of reply?!"


Contributions, in the form of anything visual or virtual, ideas, simple concepts or complex, opaque critiques, are invited and are very welcome. Please communicate with us - no one has so far, no one may ever, for that matter! We wonder if we exist at all sometimes! "Why bother?", and other existential queries may never be answered!

Applications, for consideration as a contributor or exhibitor, should be presented in the appropriate form.

A newsletter featuring each new creation will follow soon; as will free gifts and discounts for the needy, the battered and the poor.

Mary Either, Gallery Director
Ville de Nulle Part. July 2008


LENID i-BRIM: THE END OF TRANSCENDENCE, curated by Nat Banksmore. Sydney Nolan Exhibition Space. Reciting shamanism and utopian religious communities from the period of colonisation and the cold war to the present time in Samoa.

RUBBER T CANYON: THE TRANSCENDANCE OF THE END, curated by Millie Molly Armada. Karl Marx Exhibition Space and the Lenin Library. Reconsidering the status of the found object as appropriation, representation, memory, object, imprint or surface and our financial relationship to it.


Final stages have been concluded for the Elvis_Picasso Foundation takeover of the Baltic Contemporary in Gateshead.

Following his hugely successful residency, which saw thousands flocking to his installations, and with a similarly huge sponsorship deal with the Nuclear Industry, Elvis _Picasso has placed a final instalment in a Cayman Islands Bank to complete the deal. More later.



Elvis_Picasso has accepted the Pulizer Prize 2015 for his contribution to the invention of the World Wide Web.

In an award ceremony in Queens, New York, Tim Berners-Lee himself presented Elvis_Picasso with the award stating that he had long accepted that Elvis_Picasso, a young delivery boy at the time, did in fact first suggest that the Berners-Lee's creation should best be called the World Wide Web.

Members of New York's finest socialites toasted the occasion with great warmth and fervour at the Elvis_Picasso Studio in Jackson's Heights.

See: The Washington Post for the full story.

See original article: Elvis_Picasso at CERN


The west does not see itself the way others see it; indeed it often does not see others at all. Solipsistic in its suffering and narcissistic in its impulses, it promotes itself as the upholder of principles it does not keep, and a morality it does not practise.

This alone would barely distinguish it from most cultures. What makes the west different is the physical and philosophical force with which it simultaneously makes its case for superiority and contradicts it.

Therein lies the dysfunction whereby it keeps doing hateful things while expressing bewilderment at why some people hate it. It's as though we are continually caught by surprise that others have not chosen to ignore their humiliation, pain, anger and sorrow just because we have.

Gary Younge - 26JAN2014


"If you phone again, I am usually here the last week of the month when the Monday begins the following month; or the first weekend of the month if the Monday following is the first Monday of the month."


"In recent decades artists have progressively expanded the boundaries of art as they have sought engage with an increasingly pluralistic environment - which includes the domain of acute boredom."

(davide de poole: 'inappropriation')


"Those who take the meat
From the table
Teach contentment.
Those for whom the contribution
Is destined
Demand sacrifice.
Those who eat their fill
Speak to the hungry
Of wonderful times to come.
Those who lead the country into the abyss
Call ruling too difficult
For ordinary men.

Elvis_Picaso quoting Bertolt Brecht
at the recent meeting of the European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in Brussels, Belgium (July 2015).


"Today, we are everywhere surrounded by the remarkable conspicuousness of consumption and affluence, established by the multiplication of objects, services and material goods - those of wealth are no longer surrounded by other human beings, but by objects."

Jean Baudrillard quoted by Elvis_Picasso at the Guggenheim Awards Ceremony in Chicago, Il, USA.(January 2015)