Sara B'Gité: 'The Humble Paper Clip (Version 3.12)'.
Guggenheim, NY, 2005. Painted Steel. 1000cm x 300cm x 100mm
Sara B'Gité: The Humble Paper Clip - A Visual Perspective

April 24-May 30, 2015

Opening: July 23, 6-8pm

Elvis_Picasso Gallery
Sixth Floor
33 Canal van Voyeurs

Sara B'Gité, an established Elvis-Picasso Gallery artist, was the personal assistant to the writer and post-Marxist anthropologist Kevin Killane who died in mysterious circumstances on Hampstead Heath, London in 1994. It was alleged that he was shot in a duel with an aspiring artist but police were not able to confirm this, and besides, Sara B'Gité had a watertight alibi, according to some.

It is without question that the major contribution of Sara B'Gité to late post-modern art and social discourse was her ground breaking doctoral thesis: 'The Value and Nature of Kindness and Consideration in the Rehabilitation of Tortured Artists' - a rare PhD submission as it was presented in the medium of a graphic novel - and that is, notwithstanding the fact that, and on her own admission, she can't really draw. Based upon its success, however, it is soon to be made into a film by the celebrated Rubber T Canyon.

Alongside her remarkable contributions in these fields, her major post-modern focus is on the art of the doodle, particularly her one and only doodle of a humble paper clip created while doing something otherwise mindless. As a result of such activities as 'talking at length on the 'phone to similarly preoccupied and distracted callers, she has not created any other work at all of her own.

The work in question, 'The Humble Paper Clip', was transformed by a lowly studio assistant, Lenid i-Brim, into a fine work of art, which she has cleverly appropriated as entirely her own original, voraciously marketed and made a vast fortune and reputatione for herself to boot. The studio assistant was unceremoniously sacked, after producing a vast array of fine variations on her one original drawing - largely for requesting some humble pittance in acknowledgement of his work. He has the Union of Capitalist Workers on the case.

Commercial galleries however, have flocked to her laundry to bid for 'her' masterpieces. Only some works are featured here as we are not able to show more as issues of exorbitant fees and extortionate copyright threats prevent it.

"Domestic trivialities can sometimes present themselves as insurmountable hurdles."

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