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BANKSIE'S campaign to seek out the hidden reality of the arcane domain of the graffiti art world has led the conferring of an honorary docterate from Yale University, Faculty of Post-Modern Art. Some snippets from his/her acceptance speech follow below. These may be slightly incorrectly represented as BANKSIE was wearing a paperbag over his/her head to protect his/her identity at the time.

"Fat-arsed, berk-pleasing rubbish...!" - Charlie Booker

"When graffiti stops being bombed, it is no longer art." - Anon

"So called 'graffiti artist', Banksy is the former public schoolboy from middle-class suburbia, Robin Gunningham."

"His graffiti was labelled 'the fat-arsed, berk-pleasing rubbishness' by Charlie Brooker in the Guardian."

Brooker added, 'Renegade urban graffiti artist Banksy is clearly a guffhead of massive proportions, yet he's often feted as a genius straddling the bleeding edge of now. Why? Because his work looks dazzlingly clever to idiots.'

'Street' or 'Urban', no. By claiming 'copyright' Robin Gunningham has shot himself in the foot and so joins the tardy band of 'gallery artsholes'.

"The appropriation of class art for financial gain - while at the forefront of the ideals and perspectives of the ELVIS_PICASSO FOUNDATION - is really inappropriate - little children suffer!

See: The Guardian, Friday 22 September 2006

See also: 'Unmasked', MailOnline 12 July 2008