Len Breen: Homage to the Surreal #271 (Beckett).
A Multi Media Event.
  Len Breen: Not a Lot to Say Really

April 24-May 30, 2015

Opening: April 23, 6-8pm

Elvis_Picasso Gallery
6 Easton Street
Terang, Victoria 3264

LEN BREEN is some thing of a hermit. Certainly a recluse. Lost to the world of urban chaos that he so dearly loved and flourished as an artist within, he now potters away in a tiny wooden, draughty and leaking, shed in the south of England. His materials include somewhat mouldy paper that he has recovered from tips and skips, and some coloured pencils retrieved from local kindergarden (nursery) school rubbish bins (trash cans).

His previouly illustrious and productive computer graphics output has been reduced to the use of an old Macintosh Plus computer and a monochrome dot-matrix printer, and so is sadly quite limited.

He seems however, to have recovered from recent surgery and acupuncture and is looking forward to visiting the local shops where he hopes to meet some nice people who might talk to him. His alcohol and drug hazed partying have long since disapeared into the past and he now enjoys sitting on a chair in the garden, listening to any birds that he has not frightened away, while he trys to remember how to draw (and spell).

The ELVIS_PICASSO Foundation have given LEN BREEN, formerly a much highly regarded ELVIS_PICASSO artist, a financial bursay (handout) in the desperate hope that he can upgrade his situation and get back on the road to full productivity.

In the meantime, this RETROSPECTIVE has been mounted at the ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY in Terang, Victoria, Australia, to which many international visitors are flocking - there is not a lot else going on in Terang, mind you. It is expected that the publication of a monoprint 'LEN BREEN', by TASCHEN, will bring the ELVIS_PICASSO GALLERY some return on its investment.

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